Marquee Experts

The use of a Marquee is gaining popularity as years go by. We are specialists in providing marquees throughout New South Wales for all occasions including corporate functions, Sporting or Social Events, Weddings, Birthdays or Anniversaries. An outdoor celebration would not be complete without a marquee. Marquees provide the flexibility to have your event pretty much anywhere you like, without having to find an available function room or venue. This could be from your backyard, to a beach, to a park.

At Events, Festivals & Weddings, we make it a point to provide you with a durable, strong and flexible structure that would fit any occasion you may require it for.

Our marquee hire options include White roof structures, pagodas, stage roof & walkways. These can have either white or clear walls. We also have clear roof structure options. Our Fully Clear Roof/walled marquees look great with fairy lights, the lights provide an amazing effect. Our White Roofed/Walled options can be fitted with Silk Lining to give the marquee a touch of elegance to help make your event that little bit more special and unforgettable.

In all of the above marquee options, we have sizes ranging from 2.5 metres to 25 metres wide marquees. The sizes of the marquees increase in 3m or 5m bays.

Our marquees don’t have center poles. This means that you can maximize the amount of space inside the marquee without any interrupting infrastructure during the course of the event. Even without the center poles, the structures are built extremely strong and sturdy and are designed to outlast the crazy Sydney weather.

Our structures can conveniently be pegged into grass, be weighted on concrete and can even sit on more delicate groundings such as timber and tiles without causing damage.

Structures can even be built around to fit over pools! This is increasingly popular, especially during winter time when you generally aren’t needing to use the pool but you want to get the most out of the sometimes limited space in your backyard.

Weddings/engagement parties are among our most popular events that we work on. As mentioned above, marquees are becoming the in thing’ for events. They provide the flexibility required to have your event absolutely anywhere you want and can cater for the exact amount of guests you require. This element is great for clients on a budget! You would only be paying for what exactly what you need and there would be no wasted/unnecessary space.

At Events, Festivals and Weddings we are not only marquee experts but we also offer equipment/furniture in many different categories. We can suit your requirements for any event, whether it be tables, chairs, fencing, flooring, lighting, cutlery, crockery, glassware, bar equipment, linen to many other miscellaneous items and accessories. We are a one stop shop, making all and any events super easy! Leaving the client to relax and enjoy their event because they always know our equipment and services are of high quality and everything is all taken care of!

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