Harper’s Christening 2016

In November 2016 we had one of our own staff members Hanneh held a function for her daughter Harper’s christening at her home.

She bought together a variety of suppliers for the different elements of the event. this included Gebran Catering for the catering, Communicake it for the cake, Lavish Fruits & Co for the fruit platters, Kayter Co for the personalised coconuts, Fluffegram for the small fairy floss buckets, Pinkmix Party for the balloon installation and also Poppies for Grace for the confetti balloons. And last but not least we supplied the Marquee, Scaffolding and Furniture hire!

It was a weekend event so as always to be safe we set up the Marquee the day prior to ensure it was 100% ready for the event start time.

Hanneh’s veranda where the Marquee was going was on a slight slant and this can be quite a safety issue. A very easy fix though! Our crew installed scaffolding first, to make the platform level enough for the Marquee to sit nicely and safely for guests.

Guests began arriving around lunchtime after the Christening was finished and the event at home finished up sometime in the early evening.

Hanneh was very proud to show off to everyone how great of a job her workplace provides to each and every client we deal with. She was welcoming criticism from her family and friends because we love to constantly improve and become better – but only positive comments were made!! A few of them even went on to hire from us since then!

See photos of the event below and if you have an event coming up please head over to our website at http://www.eventsfestivalsweddings.com and send us through an email! We would love to assist you in any way that we can!


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